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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  WJLA  July 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. we begin with breaking news out of manhattan for the former leader of the imf has just left the courthouse. dominique strauss, has been released on his own
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recognizance jummy olabanji is live in our newsroom with more. that hearing started about 30 minutes ago. the manhattan district attorney's office had asked the judge to release dominique strauss-kahn from arrest. the judge has agreed. this comes after sources say the d a's office uncovered serious questions about the credibility of a hotel housekeeper who accuse the former i-map leader of sexual assault. the 62-year-old banker left his new york apartment and arrived at the courthouse this morning along with his wife and attorneys. he is accused of crimes including attempted rape but he has denied those allegations all along. reports are saying that investigators have come to believe that the housekeeper may be lying about some of her activities in the hours around the alleged attack. they also said that prosecutors think she lied about details on our application for asylum in the u.s. including saying see it -- she had been raped in her
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native country. dominique strauss-kahn had been on house arrest for several weeks but he is a prima and now. the judge did not give him back his passport. prosecutors have not yet said whether they will drop or downgrade the charges against him. his lawyers declined and public comment. the housekeeper's lawyers say she is prepared to testify despite this mere campaign against her. -- the smear campaign against >> we will have more on this at 5:00. nation celebrates a birthday monday and a fourth of july rushed out of town has begun. according familiar -- a quarter of a million washingtonians are expected to get the roads this weekend. these other roads to the bay bridge and the traffic is moving fine at this hour. we have a team covers whether you are staying home or not. adam caskey has more on a holiday he led the let's start
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with mike kaneen at reagan national airport. >> things look pretty busy. aaa says less americans will be driving this holiday weekend and more will be flying. compared to driving especially after gas prices hit $4 per gallon in may, many passengers say they saw flying as a more viable option and domestic airline tickets are not cheap. the three area airports are very busy with passengers rushing to beat up the holiday weekend rush. >> i will be traveling back on the 4th. >> passengers at reagan national airport think the increase in air travel is a sign the economy is improving. >> people having a little bit more disposable income and gas prices have come down a little bit so it makes sense. >> some passengers decided flying was a better option than driving. >> when you purchase tickets a month in advance when the prices
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of gas were considerably higher it is too late to trade them back again. >> gas prices are coming back down. some can't help but feel frustrated. >> if there was some predictability to, it would be easier for drivers. >> aaa says 52% of local travelers plan to spend part of their holiday at the beach or on the waterfront. tens of thousands will head downtown to watch the parade and fireworks on the national mall. >> we might go down to the park along the water and watch the fireworks their. >> many local residents said they are content to watch the action on tv at home than not because i don't like crowds. i am finished. i used to go when i was younger. i like my chair and my air- conditioning. >> aaa says the average distance travel this weekend will be about 570 miles which is 10% less than last year. for drivers hoping to avoid beach traffic on the bay bridge, the maryland transportation authority
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recommends traveling off peak which means leaving after 10:00 p.m. tonight or before 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> good advice. the heat is returning in time for the holiday weekend and temperatures are climbing. adam caskey has a look at the first forecast. today it is still fairly low as humidity. the dew point is in the low to mid 50's. lockwood let's take a live look out site at the nation's capital. notice the baby blue color to the sky. it is not his because we don't have the thick humidity in the air. 85 and the district and 82 in winchester and 79 in cumberland we are on our way to about 90 this afternoon, warm but not too humid and that will change tomorrow and it will get warmer. i'll tell you how warm coming up. a four-year old child is
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recovering from a gunshot wound after police say he was shot by another child. this happened on a playground yesterday afternoon outside an apartment complex in temple hills. parents want to know how the boy ended up with a gun. jummy olabanji has more. >> automatically, people look around and say how could it happen here. >> this is where prince george's county police say little boy was shot yesterday afternoon. police got the call after 4:00 to this apartment complex of 23rd parkway in temple hills. officials at a 5-year-old boy had a gun on the playground and it went off hitting a 4-year-old boy in the back. a neighbor rushed in to help. >> i rushed in and took him out and tried to get the metal pieces out. the ambulance came. >> neighbors say the playground is filled with children in the afternoon. they say there is usually always
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parents close by. that is what everyone is so shocked that a young child was out here yesterday with a gun. >> for children that age to get hold of a gun is tragic on both hands. >> denise willis lives across the street. she says she cannot believe this happened. >> maybe somebody could've stopped the child. it just happened and we are all sad in the community. >> after the 5-year-old fired the shot he ran to a nearby apartment. detectives spent the evening speaking with witnesses neighbors, and the parents. police are trying to figure out where the gun came from and why was on the playground. >> i'm glad the kid is ok deporte. >> a man is dead and four others injured after a fight last evening in hyattsville. the victim was stabbed and 6500
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block of america boulevard around 6:30 p.m.. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. four others suffered non-life threatening injuries. no arrests and no motive yet in the stabbing. a man charged with gunning down a local football coach it was due in court today. he was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing this morning. police say crawford shot ralph thomas to death outside mckinley tech high school in northeast last month. graaff -- thomas work for the semipro football team. the elevator at the washington monument is working again. last evening, it got stuck with 16 people who had to be rescued. the elevator came to a halt about 500 feet above the ground. rescue workers managed to bring it down to the ground floor but some two dozen visitors at the top of the monument had to take the stairs. no one in the elevator was hurt. a new boss is on the job at
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the pentagon. leon panetta arrive for his first day of work as secretary of defense. he was greeted with a welcome ceremony. he takes over for retired defense secretary robert gates. yesterday, the senate confirmed general david petraeus to take the job as director of the cia. tempers are flaring on capitol hill over the debt debate. president obama is calling for congress to buckle down and reach an agreement on a higher debt ceiling. the trash talking and finger- pointing has intensified. >> he has played dozens of rounds of golf and had many, many fund-raisers around the country but he has been awol on this issue. >> it seems like leader mikhail is willing to tank the economy for the sake of protecting tax break for oil companies and corporate jets. >> the white house has zeroed in
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on about $2 trillion in total reductions including budget cuts and tax increases. the senate says it will work through its weeklong tour of the july recess to work an agreement before the august 2 deadline. d.c. is not the only place at a stalemate over the budget. residents and minnesota are dealing with closed state parks and government offices today. 22,000 state workers are furloughed without pay. the state government of minnesota is completely shut down after republican lawmakers and the democratic governor failed to close a $5 billion debt -- budget deficit by midnight last night. the race to take president obama's job has gotten crowded. michigan congressman thaddeus mccotter says he is launching a campaign. campaign. the detroit-area republican says he will make a formal announcement tomorrow. the 45-year-old is a lawyer and has been in congress since 2003. >> coming up, a shocking
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discovery, a woman's body found in a public pool -- how did it go unnoticed for days? on the bench, the latest locked out to have pro sports this year plus, the royal newlyweds' begin today two of their first trip to north america. adam caskey will be back with the holiday weekend forecast.
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the commander of massachusetts has ordered all state run deep water pools closed after a woman died in a public pool. her body lay there for two days before anybody noticed. the 36-year-old went off the
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slide into the pool on sunday. in 9-year-old boy told a lifeguard the woman was missing. friends said the life guards never searched for her and swimmers and inspectors who performed tests on the pull monday and tuesday all somehow mr. body. >> it was nothing abnormal what the ph levels and the only notable reverence in the report was that ity was cloudy. >> the body was discovered floating on the surface. we have learned that the polls permit expired back in december. the autopsy results could be released later today. another unexpected twist in the casey anthony murder trial in florida. this morning, one day before closing arguments were expected to begin the judge called an indefinite recess the judge agreed to the recess to let the defense take depositions from witnesses that the prosecution is planning to call during its final rebuttal.
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the judge will hold court for the holiday weekend in hopes of beginning closing statements as soon as possible. casey anthony is accused of killing her two-year old daughter kayley and she could face the death penalty. the royal newlyweds are in canada today for the first official visit and a day of mixed emotions. this is canada day, the country's birth the celebration. canadians lined the streets of ottawa to greet prince william and kate middleton. the royal couple will one day become king and queen of the country. >> catherine and i are so delighted to be here in canada. our parents and grandparents love this country and we have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. >> the prince and duchess have already visited the canadian national war memorial and they will attend canada day ceremonies. admirers of the late
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princess diana are gathering outside kensington palace because it would of been her 50th birthday today. her life was cut short in that 1997 car crash in paris. admirers are leaving cars and other mementos outside the gates of the palace where diana once lived. we are following new developments as a mass of wildfire in the mexico continues to grow. -- in new mexico continues to grow. the town of los alamos seems to have been spirited. the threatened nuclear lab is also say. the blaze is now the largest forest fire in state history. more than 12,000 residents have been evacuated. >> it is tough out there. would have that long stretch of kitsch. -- we don't have that long stretch of heat. we won't have to rely on
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afternoon pop-up storms. here and there, we could use some showers especially when we get into these periods of heat. that will happen this weekend. it is for the july in washington and this is what you expect, added heat and humidity. in laurel, 82 degrees and the dew point temperature is 47. dry air is in place which gives as a relative humidity of only 29%. it feels good outside despite being a little on the one side this afternoon with highs near 90. the humidity is down and this is what i like to call the jealous cam. we are all jealous watching everybody walk the boardwalk. this is at the boardwalk plaza hotel in rehoboth . temperatures and humidity will be fought over the weekend including the shoreline.
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we can see some water temperatures. 78 degrees in the bay and 79 degrees off the pax river. comfortable water temperatures and it is refreshing in the atlantic. a lot of sunshine for the beach tomorrow with highs in the mid 80's and increasing humidity and heat. there's a slight chance of storm sunday into monday. does not just the heat but the humidity but the humidity is down now. if you can be and the 40's 4 the dew point in july, it feels good outside. it is kind of a dry heat we have today. that will be changing as the wind shifts up to the south. the nearest cloud cover is associate with storms and parts of the midwest. -- in parts of the midwest. are we can forecast locally is
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the same as the beat of the best chance of storms is slight but it will be sunday night into monday morning. late sunday for monday morning i temperatures are well into the 90's by sunday and we could be talking upper 90's in and around the beltway sunday afternoon. next week, a little cooler but still fought. >> what about monday night's fireworks? >> it looks good, partly cloudy. it should not affect us. if it gets hung up overhead, we have to modify the forecast. >> thank you. here is a look at what stories are trending on our website. there was an on-air insult to president obama. a woman's deadly fall from a popular d.c. hotel and a rock climbing coach charged with sexually assaulting a student. you can see them all on first for there was the nfl
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lockout and now nba players are being turned away from a basketball court critical at the bargaining agreement between players and team owners expired at 12:01 this morning and nba owners are crying foul over players calling for a $7 million salary average which is $2 million more than the current average. the last nba lockout was back in 1998. more red light cameras are up and running in northern virginia in alexandria and fairfax. violators will receive warnings through the end of july. drivers will not pay fines until august 1. go to our website for the location of the cameras. another county will charge for ambulance service. prince william county will be billing insurance companies for everything from basic life- support to loading fees. the fees are expected to generate more than $3 million by the end of next year. the county will still front the bill for patients who don't have
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insurance. >> coming up, europe's latest royal newlyweds -- the whole country of monaco is celebrating the end of bachelorhood for their presence and an $11 million wedding. later today on oprah, love marriage, and
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it is monaco's biggest lead since actress grace kelly walked down the aisle 50 years ago for less than an hour ago, prince albert married a south african in a civil ceremony. other european royalty are in monaco for the nuptials.
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she wore a gown by chanel. the entire adult population of monaco about a thousand people, attended. it will continue tomorrow with a religious ceremony followed by a reception. is a rare look at the world's most famous sunken ship. there has been incredible 3 d images of the rusting hulk of the titanic at the bottom of the atlantic one photo shows a rep and the hull. this shows the capt.'s bathtub. for more voters, you could go on to our website >> still ahead, adam caskey will be back with a final look at the weather.
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we are giving away special vip tickets to the upcoming def leppard/heart concert at jiffy lube blood. go to the link to sign up on our website accept we will announce the winner tonight at 5:00. >> for some sugar on me, baby. it will be very hot this weekend. jump in the pool or go to the beach. it will be hot and muggy and a chance of storms late sunday and monday. >> that is it for us,
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